How to send parcels with Klarna Checkout

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Klarna makes it easy to shop online. Webshipper makes it easy to print shipping labels and display freight rates in Klarna’s Check-out module for webshops.

Give your customers and smooth delivery experience – As we all know, flexible shipping options increase conversion rates considerably.

By integrating Webshipper directly into Klarna Checkout, you can easily handle your shipments without implementing extra modules or multiple complicated add-ons in your shop.

If you use Klarna Checkout as a payment solution in your webshop, you already have the opportunity to use Webshipper’s freight integration, without having to install additional plug-ins in your webshop. With a quick and painless setup, you can start printing shipping labels and managing web orders entirely automatically.

This is how it works

Webshipper’s integration with Klarna shows delivery options, drop-points, shipping prices, and much more directly in the checkout flow. Webshipper automatically synchronizes with Klarna, whereafter it is possible to print shipping labels, set up automation, and save up to three minutes per order. Complete the order, and Klarna automatically captures the money, and Webshipper sends a tracking id back to Klarna, enabling the customer to track the shipment directly within the Klarna’s app.

It is always you who decide the delivery options you want to offer your customers – but letting them choose their delivery method themselves; you demonstrate flexibility.

In addition to showing shipping methods and prices in Klarna’s checkout module, Webshipper saves a whole host of smart functionalities that optimize workflow in webshops. Several of our customers save up to three minutes on each shipment, resulting in huge savings over time. 

Why should I display shipping options in Klarna Checkout?

An excellent smooth shopping experience is critical in a successful buying experience. In short, your shop will convert better with a smooth and fast checkout flow with flexible shipping options. By connection Webshipper to Klarna Checkout, your customers get detailed information on available delivery methods, which makes it easy and safe for them to complete the purchase.

Read more about Klara Shipping Assistant and how to optimize your e-commerce checkout. 

What else?

In addition to displaying freight rates and shipping methods in the checkout, Webshipper’s tool can be used to create paperless customs documents, return orders, return labels, and smart automation that eliminates manual workflows.

How to get started with Klarna Checkout and Webshipper?

You need the latest version of Klarna Checkout, an agreement with Webshipper, and a freight agreement with your carriers. That’s it – the rest is all happening in the cloud.


Did it make sense? If not, I have assembled the key features below. Happy shipping.


  • Display shipping methods directly at checkout.
  • Automatic printing of shipping labels.
  • Own return portal.
  • No need for additional modules and integrations for the shop – everything is built into Klarna.
  • Easy and straightforward setup of freight rates, carriers, and shipping options.
  • Tracking link directly in Klarna’s smartphone app.
  • Save time and money on shipping.
  • Add new shipping rates and shipping rates with just a few clicks.

If you are interested in learning about Klarna and Webshipper, click here, and we will happily help you get started.

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