A tale of two competitors uniting through dragons

The story of Dialægt/Citatplakat is indeed interesting yet heartwarming; From two similar webshops and consequently devoted rivals to become strong partners in prints. But first, we need to go back in time. 

Founded in the early months of 2015, Citatplakat.dk had a vision of selling simple but humorous posters with the premise of funny Danish quotes and especially jolly catchphrases i.e. “You are freaking Amoosing” accompanied with a graphic image of a moose. 

In the fall the same year two astrophysicists across the country also had a great idea of selling posters and would soon found the online shop “Dialægt”. Quickly they became popular by selling quirky posters based on specific job titles, family roles or interests. 

Fast forward 5 years. Citatplakat participated in the Danish version of the hit TV-show Dragons’ Den to acquire funding, exactly like Dialægt also did successfully a year earlier.

The two companies came together through the Dragons, Jan Lehrman and Jesper Buch, and both companies managed to each obtain investments of DKK 1.2 million for 20% of the companies. Soon a merge between the two rivals would become a reality – a rewarding one.

Fast and reliable order management is a key element in our poster scaleup and we have used Webshipper from the beginning. Webshipper has helped us having a bird’s eye view of our rapidly increasing order volume and the confidence to make fast production promises to our customers.
Andreas Beck CTO & Co-founder, Dialægt/Citatplakat

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Workflows make the dream work

No compromises in new solution

According to the creative entrepreneurs of Dialægt/Citatplakat Webshipper has made it significantly easier to handle their orders, since the business now utilizes workflows in their integration. Especially the huge dream of an easy system was in focus, and automation would turn out to become a huge key player in making their worries about difficult processes and strenuous tasks history.

If a customer should eventually change their mind about the received item, the shops can now offer a return portal with Webshipper – naturally. In the return portal the customer can choose which item to return or if they need to change their order to another item. Afterwards a shipping label will be sent to their email which they will need to print, slap on the parcel and pass on to a nearby parcel shop. 

Now the innovative team of the merged Dialægt/Citatplakat can focus on other aspects of their business with their new freed up time. Should anything become in need of attendance they can rest assured that they have a valuable lifeline at the support hotline of Webshipper.

Dialaegt - Bliv klogere med rapporter

1. Get smarter with reports

Thanks to the easy dashboard it is now easy to get smarter with the automatically generated reports. The companies make great use of the reports based on their users as an entire audience or specific users and their shopping preferences.

Dialaegt - Brandede email

2. Branded email notifications

Dialægt/Citatplakat recognizes the importance of brand recognition which is why they have easily customized their email notifications to match the respective brands of theirs.

Dialaegt - Komplekse workflows

3. Complex workflows set up quickly

These guys know automation is key to great efficiency and productivity. 
By setting up workflows with their order flow they are able to send out handy notifications, virtual gift cards and much more. 

  • Based in the Danish cities of Åbyhøj and Næstved 
  • Both founded in 2015 and started collaborating in 2020
  • Both companies have each been featured on the Danish version of Dragons’ Den. 

Novictus og Webshipper

  • Have shipped with Webshipper since 2018
  • Utilizes Webshipper automation, Webshipper order channels, Webshipper Locations, Webshipper Custom Email notifications, Webshipper Printers, Webshipper Orders

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