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DAO delivers parcels 24/7, including public holidays all year round.

Time is paramount when it comes to parcel delivery; that’s why it is necessary to transform delivery into an efficient and straightforward process, for both business and consumers. 

“Every night, 3,500 DAO messengers drive more than 100.000 kilometers to deliver newspapers, parcels, or your favorite magazine.”

Dao offers a new feature “DAO e-label”

Instead of sticking a shipping label to the parcel, all you need to do is write a nine-digit number on the parcel and drop it off at a DAO-Shop – Ingenious.

This solution has, of course, been implemented in Webshipper, meaning it is available for booth shipments and in our return portal. We are allowing you to give your customers a great and flexible shopping experience.

Labelless online return portal

Customers can quickly return products through the Webshipper return portal.

In a nutshell: you no longer have to force customers to print return labels themselves.

Once the online return portal and DAO e-label is ready and online, the customer will receive a return confirmation containing the nine-digit labelless code.

Now: The only thing left is to use recyclable return packaging to offer an easy solution for the customers while you save a few precious recourses. 

The nine-digit shipping code should only be written with a waterproof touch or pen on paper or cardboard. 

DAO uses the nine-digit E-LABEL code to identify the shipment and ship it to the correct address.

It is essential to follow these guidelines:

  • The numbers should be clear and readable
  • Write the code with a waterproof tush or pen.
  • Write the code on paper or cardboard, not plastic.

Do you need any help for setting up DAO e-label, you are welcome to contact our support: contact us oread the support article here.


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