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Jonas Raaschou

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As mentioned in an earlier article/post it’s important to show the right shipping rates at checkout so you don’t lose money on your orders or shipments.

The perfect case is when you show dynamic shipping rates. Dynamic shipping rates is a combination of a setup based on your price sheets from the carrier as well as criteria for when shipping rates need to show despite products, services, zip codes etc. 

At Webshipper we suggest a combination of our two features; Cost Based Shipping Rates and Advanced Shipping Rules. 

Example 1: In addition to different types and sizes of bicycles, a bicycle dealer also sells a lot of accessories. The price of delivering a bike will and must for your customers, of course, be greater than if you only order a helmet.

Here you will set up Cost Based Shipping Rates on the basis of price sheets, so you make sure that the customer sees the right price at checkout. Furthermore, criteria need to be set up on the basis that the freight rate is displayed at a specific SKU number and with a fixed profit of 5%, for example.

If the customer now wanted a bicycle helmet on the webshop, it would make sense to set up criteria for the SKU on smaller items that allow delivery to the parcel shop, and perhaps even a percentage profit on the freight.

It would be a long shot if we offered delivery to the parcel shop during our checkout, because – let’s admit it – not all parcel shops have the opportunity to have a bicycle stored.

In addition to the above checkout optimization, you can also increase your flexibility in checkout by displaying dynamic parcel shops. If the customer wants to pick their parcel up at a parcel shop, if possible for the products in question, it’s only natural for the customer to choose the parcel shop they wish.

In your e-commerce platform, you can not dynamically display a map or a list of parcel shops. We solve this for most shop systems, with which you give your customers the flexibility and the opportunity to choose which parcel shop they want to use – it is not necessarily the nearest parcel shop that is the easiest to get to. Maybe you already drive past a parcel shop on the way home from work or live in inner Copenhagen, where there may be 200 meters further to a shop in which you already have another parcel to pick up.

If you do not support this option, a choice of parcel shop will result in the choice of the nearest parcel shop, and the customer will first see this premade choice on their order confirmation or in their tracking email from the carrier.

Now, the conclusion from this is that you should optimize your checkout so that it’s more dynamic in order for the company’s optimal return, and for the customer’s checkout experience make it more flexible for them.

If you’re already using one or more of these procedures, that’s great – your customers must be very satisfied, and you might hopefully see by your finances that shipping is not just money you are throwing out the window.

If you do not already do so, Webshipper will definitely recommend that you look at what you can optimize from here and now, and we are of course ready to guide you and take a non-committal talk on how we can inject a great amount of steroids into your checkout.

If you have any questions about checkout or just want to know more, we are at your service. 
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