Amazon – your new marketplace?

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Jonas Raaschou

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Some will say that Amazon is the new black.But is it the right for you?
We can’t give you the answer, but we have tried to list the pros and cons about Amazon so you can make a valid decision.

Selling through marketplaces has pros and cons. When it comes to Amazon it will be worth looking into following:


  • You’ll get displayed for a larger market
  • Outsource logistics, warehouse and administration
  • No more stress when shipping and warehouse management
  • No more support or customer service (Amazon handles that)
  • Focus on products and branding


  • There’s a fee using Amazon services 
  • To avoid unnecessary costs there’s a lot of preparation when outsourcing your warehouse, which can be cumbersome.
  • You’ll lose control of customer service and the direct contact to your customers
  • You’ll be displayed among other similar products in a huge universe of products

In October FDIH (Foreningen for dansk Internethandel) wrote an article about what the Danish businesses think of Amazon. 

There is a general fear for Amazon and how it might be the ending of a lot of local webshops and physical stores. 

At Webshipper we are looking forward to following the growth, where surveys show that 46% say they don’t sell on online marketplaces and have no plan doing it in the future. 

Read more about the survey from FDIH here


Maybe you are already using Amazon or want to get started. At Webshipper we support Amazon as an ordersystem. You can easily integrate your Amazon shop to Webshipper. Your orderflow will be set up as any other shopsystem exactly as you like it and your orders will automatically be transferred into Webshipper. If you want another setup for the orders from Amazon Webshipper supports that too.

Setup your Amazon

The simple guide to setup your Amazon orderchannel in Webshipper.